Frequently asked questions.

First ride from the door.

If we've missed anything or the answers to your questions aren't here just drop us a line and we'll get right back to you.

What's really included?

  • All Transfers as a group
  • All accommodation
  • All meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner other than lunch and dinner in Marrakech.
  • Secure bike storage in Marrakech.
  • All guiding except in Marrakech

Bike, pads and tyres

Pads: These are not compulsory but are most definitely recommended. If you have them you might as well bring them! We'll let you know on which days and trails you should bring them and you can always collect or leave them in the support van as and when required.

Tyres: We've used a selection of tyres over the years from semi-slick 1.8 to DH 2.5. The best, in our opinion is without a doubt the Maxxis High Roller II 2.35 or High Roller LUST 2.35. The terrain is very rocky and technical in areas and the chance of pinch flat is quite high. Thorns are not usually an issue but you do need to watch out for cactus! Check out Stif.co.uk for the best price on Maxxis tyres. I'm a big fan of tubeless tyres in Morocco where it seems to be ok to just fit, inflate and leave them alone.

Bike: We recommend a 140mm+ full suspension bike (All Mountain Bike) for the most fun. However, that does not mean if you don't have one you should rush out and get one or you'll not have fun! Blur (LT), Orange Five etc' are very popular but lots of guests also ride bikes with much less travel and some even use hardtails. You can do these trails with a single front ring but do make sure you've got a large cassette on the rear, otherwise it'll be a struggle in some places! All wheel sizes are welcome, from 26" to 29". If you bring anything other than a 26" wheel please make sure you bring enough inner tubes and a spare tyre. The only place we can get more is in Marrakech which will take a day to get there and back. Even then, we can't guarantee we can get what you want.

What time are the transfers?

The transfer to Imlil upon arrival is when the majority of the guests arrive. For example, if 8 guests arrive in the morning then the transfer will be an AM transfer. However, if most of the guests arrive in the evening then the transfer will be a PM transfer when the last guest has arrived.

If you arrive in the morning you can either wait for the evening transfer to Imlil with the rest of the guests or we can arrange an additional transfer for you. This costs £50 and should be paid for in advance. If there is more than one person wanting an additional transfer the cost is split/shared between you, so the TOTAL cost is £50. If you arrive in the evening and there has been a morning transfer because that is when the majority of the group has arrived, we will usually include the transfer for free, but this is NOT guaranteed so please check.

The transfer from Marrakech at the end of the week is in the morning of the Saturday to coincide with the first departing flight. If your flight is an evening one then you are welcome to leave your bags at the Hotel until you want to leave Marrakech and you can transfer by taxi to the airport yourself. We do not arrange or take responsibility for this and it up to you sort this out (but we will help). A transfer by taxi to the airport at a time of your choice is 150dh or £10.

What's the food like?

The food is quite simply exceptional! Breakfast is a selection of bread, pancakes, omelette, cheeses, jams, chocolate spread, tea, coffee and juice. Lunch is a very good `picnic` which consists of mint tea, pasta, a stew of some kind (usually pulses), chopped salads, tinned fish, bread and fruit desert. Dinner consist of three courses: Soup starter, main course (Tajine, Cuscus or similar traditional Berber food) and fruit desert. Camomile tea is also served after dinner.

We can cater for vegetarians for a small supplement of £25 per person. We charge a supplement because this involves preparing and cooking a separate dish/tajine to the rest of the group.

What's the accommodation like?

The gites in the mountains are basic and comprise of a main court yard or terrace where we have dinner and breakfast, with accommodation to the side, cooking facilities for our chef, (usually) hot showers or hammam (steam room), French style toilet and electricity to charge phones etc.' Please don't expect luxury accommodation - You're in the mountains in a remote location so fluffy pillows, power showers and room service have been sacrificed for stunning views, rich culture, adventure and incredible singletrack!

First Aid, inoculations and insurance

First aid - Each rider must have their own basic first aid kit. This should have items like: plasters, wipes, bandages, iodine and tape. These can be bought from Boots for around £10

We carry a complete first aid kit which contains items from syringes to sutra kits. Our kits do not contain any drugs or creams (pain killers, aspirin, antiseptic cream etc.') so we recommend you bring your own if you use them.

Inoculations - Please make sure that your polio and tetanus are up to date. It can also be worthwhile having your hepatitis A and typhoid jabs just in case.

Insurance - You must have your own insurance which should include helicopter evacuation and repatriation. A search on the internet will reveal a host of insurers to choose from, but please ensure that it includes extreme sports. We do not go above 3000m. In the past we have used companies like Sports Cover Direct who are expensive but seem to have a good reputation. Other recommended companies are Ski Card and the Austrian Alpine club although they may not include baggage insurance. Please check for yourself!

Visas and Customs

If you hold a UK/European passport you will need to fill in a card/paper visa entry form (which you might given on the flight or you can pick up in the arrivals hall) with your passport number, name, address, destination in Morocco and other such details. Your passport is then stamped with an entry permit. You do not need to apply for a permit or visa before you travel.

Getting through customs in Morocco can be a time consuming process so patience really is a virtue. If you find that your flight has been delayed or you are just worried that it’s taking a long time to get through, don’t panic! We will not go without you. However, to put your mind at rest just text +447807257724 to let us know and we’ll confirm everything is ok…The chances are we’ll be in the same queue!

For departures from Manera (Marrakech airport) it might not be possible to print off a boarding card beforehand. This is quite normal and you just need to check in at the airport desk with your passport. The good old fashioned way!

Is the trip ok for women?

Yes, 100%. We have NEVER experienced any form of hostility towards any member of any group. When we ride in the high Atlas Mountains the locals are amazed to see mountain bikes, let alone pay any attention to the gender of the biker. The positive encouragement from the local women in the high mountains is astounding and they have a lot of respect for the women who have been seen on their bikes riding through the villages. As for the local men? Well, they just think you’re probably crazy! But then don’t most of your friends back home!?

ISIS and the threat of terrorism

This is something that anybody with a television is going to ask about. Syria, Libya, Tunisia and pretty much any Muslim country seems to be getting bad press for the threat of violence and terrorism. However, Morocco is a very stable and democratic country. Spain and France have the same risk level as Morocco which is lower than Turkey. There is NO risk of kidnapping!