Day Eight

The journey home.

Departures from Menara airport after a week at Freeridemorocco

Getting to the airport

Your transfer to the airport will have been pre-booked so all you need to do is walk for 15 seconds to the pickup point around the corner which is the same place you were dropped off the day before.

You need to be at the airport at least two hours before your departure time. However, during the summer months we recommend that you get there with more time to spare. For example, if your flight is at 13:00hrs you will need to leave the hotel at 10:00hrs.

Extra Transfers

If your flight time is at a different time to the rest of the group, or you would like to make your own arrangements to get to the airport a taxi will cost between 100 and 150dh. We arrange the airport transfers for a time that best suites the group. If your flight time is late on Saturday and the rest of the group is departing in the morning you will have the option to either go with them, pay for your own taxi (100-150dh) or get the No:19 bus which is every half an hour from the edge of the square and costs 30dh direct to the airport.

At the airport

Once you're at the airport you will need to fill out another passport/visa card for your departure. This needs to be done BEFORE you go through to security. Also, it isn't possible to confirm your departure without checking in so any boarding cards you print off before you get to Morocco are obsolete! Even if you don't have luggage or a bike to check on, you still need to check in at the relevant airline desk.