Day Five

Singletrack climbing - the challenge!

Freeridemorocco bikes by Chris.

Gaining height, on singletrack of course!

We start with a singletrack ridgeline ascent. The grip is good but you need to pick a good line and save your energy for the tricky bits which are thrown in there just to spice it up! From the top of this challenge we have a traverse and singletrack descent back into a riverbed on the other side of the valley for another, very technical ascent. This one is rockier (but not loose) and good trials skills will be an enormous advantage. A real lung buster, but you’ll be amazed at the level of grip that drives you forward and makes it a really good section. From the top here there is a fantastic singletrack descent for your reward before another, shorter, smooth, steady singletrack traverse which pops us onto a dirt track road which takes us to the head of another fast, smooth singletrack descent and the van for lunch which is just 1km down the road.

After lunch we have a short, steady traverse through several rustic villages to Ait Ahmad where the Gite for the night is. An earlier finish, usually around 4.30pm will help you recover for the next singletrack ‘Mega Day’ tomorrow. This is a great village to explore with its incredible landscape, scenery and caves. (31'07'43.77 N 8'16'03.87 W / 1483m)

Day five strava at freeridemorocco

Matt and Ben on day five. Rocky singletrack to lunch

Ben and Chris on day five singletrack at Freeridemorocco