Day Four

An epic singletrack day

Ijoukak to Ourgane with Freeridemorocco

Four hours of singletrack - and that's just in the morning!

This is a ‘mega’ day of singletrack. The Gite is at nearly 2000m in altitude and today is the day to ‘cash in’ on the altitude!

1.5km from the Gite the singletrack starts. Tight, steep twisty singletrack drops us onto a riverbed we cross to pick up the singletrack on the other side. This path links three or four villages as we traverse from one to the other. This is fast and flowing but we don’t lose much height as we follow the riverbed below. There are a couple of little climbs of 2-300m which catapult us into incredibly fast sections where you need to slam on the anchors to avoid firing off the singletrack on tight hairpin corners. After a few hours of singletrack we enter an area of more singletrack on the famous Red Rock of Morocco. An incredible playground with outstanding grip and fast flowing singletrack.

We stop for lunch in a secluded, wooded part of the riverbed where Mohammed and Abdul will be waiting and would have already prepared mint tea for our arrival. Lunch will be a welcome break from the efforts of riding as fast as you can for so long on so much singletrack. But it doesn't stop there..

After lunch we’re off again. A short warm up of 1.5km and we’re crossing a large damn to find the entrance to yet another incredible ribbon of singletrack. A very sketchy entrance unravels into km after km of gently down sloping singletrack in a spectacular gorge. This is truly breath taking scenery to match some of the best singletrack in the world!

Day four Strave route with Freeridemorocco