Day One

Flights, arrival, customs and more..

Freeridemorocco, singletrack search.

Arriving at Marrakech Airport (RAK)

Marrakech airport has become very modern, very quickly. You no longer need to complete a visa form - ‘FICHE D’EMBARQUEMENT/DEBARQUEMENT’ and this year I haven't had to queue for more than 15 minutes to clear passport control.

However, there are still a few things that you need to know, especially about collecting your bike..

When you clear passport control and head into the baggage collection hall I would be very surprised if your bike was already there! You need to go right to the far side of the hall where there is a double door on the left (after all the carrousels/belts). Your bike will be there. If the door is locked, knock loudly and they'll bring it out to you.


These are banned. There is another X-ray scanner once you've collected all your belongings which you need to pass everything through. If they see your drone, they will confiscate it and you will NOT get it back. Even if you're lucky enough to get away with that, on your return to the airport at the end of the week you will be searched again. There is another X-ray scanner you need to pass all your luggage through just to get to the check-in desks. If they see your drone, they will confiscate it and you will NOT get it back.

Getting cash

There is a Bureaux de change in the arrivals hall. The queues are usually long and the exchange rate is no better than any other Bureaux de change or cashpoints. I aways stop on the way to Imlil and just use a cashpoint.

SIM Card for your phone.

You can get a SIM card for your phone in the arrivals lounge from a company called INWI. Don't. You're wasting your money! Once you leave Marrakech they don't have any coverage. If you would like a SIM card that does work in the mountains please let me know. I provide these with 5GB of data for £15 and they work EVERYWHERE we stay.

Where to meet.

Once you've got your bags and bike and have cleared customs just go for the EXIT. Its really obvious where that is and we'll be waiting for you on the other side. If I'm not there or you've requested a seperate transfer look for a guy holding a Freeridemorocco sign. Well, piece of paper with Freeridemorocco written on it!

Transfer to Imlil

Once we're all together and have everything sorted we will load the van and transfer to Imlil. The transfer time is approximately 90 minutes and we aim to do one transfer once we're all together. However, if your flight is a lot earlier than the rest of the group then an extra transfer is available at a cost of £80. This is the total cost and not per person, so if there is more than one of you then the cost can be shared.

Arrival in Imlil

If there is enough light when we get to Imlil you can build your bike and get your kit ready. However, this is usually done first thing in the morning as dinner and a team briefing awaits. If you are vegetarian please let us know before you arrive so you don't miss out on the first feast of your holiday!

Tips and tricks for travelling to Morocco

These are little things we do to make the journey easier.

We've been travelling to Morocco for over 10 years on a regular basis so here are a few things we do which might make travelling with your bike a lot easier. We fly from Manchester, but you can apply the principles to departures from any airport.

Recommended parking for Freeridemorocco

Chauffer Parking: If you're driving to the airport this is by far the best system. Book parking with a company who will collect your car at departures and drop it off to you when you clear customs on your return.

Freeridemorocco travel check.

Check your route: Make sure there are no known delays on your route to the airport. If there is, the allow ample time for them! Don't rush or leave it too late and do look at alternative routes.

Safe bike packing for Freeridemorocco.

Pack Sensibly: Don't over cram your bags either with kit or weight. Check your allowance and adhere to it! This will also help avoid damage to your bike and a potentially unwanted hit to the wallet.

Freeridemorocco recommend drinking water when flying.

Eat and drink: It's easy to 'forget' to eat and drink when you fly, but it's essential you stay hydrated, not just for your flight but also for the next days riding. Water might be 'expensive' at the airport but it's worth it!