Day Seven

The wonders of Marrakech

Andy nelson photo whilst at Freeridemorocco. The souks in Marrakech

Marrakech.. Trip Advisors No1 city to visit

After a week in the mountains the hustle and bustle of Marrakech can be a real shell shock. However, you soon get used to the chaos and discover that Marrakech is another world exclusive to Morocco. The Hotel Assia which is just off the Jamaa el Fna square is quiet and very conveniently located so if you'd rather chill-out for a couple of hours before you hit the city you can.

The Hotel has wi-fi, comfortable rooms and secure bike storage. You can leave your bike there the following day too if your transfer is later than the official check-out time. The guys that work there, Samual and Hohammed, are a font of knowledge and are always willing to give advice on anything to do with the city - From the best Hammam to the best place to eat without getting ripped off!

The bars and nightclubs are in abundance, but be prepared to pay! This is the stomping ground for the wealthy Arabs and French who live in Marrakech and enjoy a good party. However, there are some good 'cheaper' bars where you can get a cold beer for around 30dh.

More than just a holiday.

Let the adventure begin!

Don't forget, this is more than just a 'biking holiday'. This is an opportunity of a lifetime to ride unspoilt trails of a country in North Africa which is about to undergo an enourmus change into modernisation. Do it now, before its too late!

Barrys phots of spices in Marrakech

Marrakech Spice: Marrakech is famous for its spices. This is a great chance buy them at a fraction of the price in the UK.

Andy Nelsons photo of spices in Marrakech

Marrakech Souks: An incredible maze of shops and small factory outlets to explore.

Casablanca beer at Freeridemorocco, marrakech

Casablanca Beer, sometimes there is just nothing like a good, ice cold beer in the sun!

Freeridemorocco and the Jamaa El Fna

Jamaa El Fna a sight to behold on a Friday evening when the food stalls come out to barter for your custom.