Day Six

Singletrack Mega Day

Last days riding at Freeridemorocco.

It doesn't matter where you've ridden before, you're going to remember this for the rest of your life!

This is the last day on the bike and the best. A real singletrack ‘Mega Day’ which will challenge your fitness and technical ability, but only because the trails are so good you just 'have' to keep going!

We start with a gentle traverse and climb to the top of the pass which takes 45 minutes and includes a 10 minute hike-a-bike, but the rewards at the top are incomprehensible! If you enjoy singletrack, this is your heaven!

As you look down the giant valley all you can see in a fine ribbon of singletrack disappearing into the distance. This is fast and flowing to start and as it drops in height the trail becomes more technical into the riverbed. All easy to ride, but you’ll be desperate to keep your speed up to increase the ‘grin factor’ so mistakes will be made! It’s just not possible to ride hours of singletrack without making a mistake.. Especially when you’re hammering it!

One of the sections of singletrack runs through a dry riverbed. It’s smooth with rocks lining the twisting route so if you come off-line you get punished. The twisting route makes you throw the bike around as you shift your weight from one pedal to the next to find the grip out of the slide and into the next bend. Almost like a slalom. Big gear, flat out..

This is just one section, there are too many to list but I have to say there is something for everyone and everyone loves it. From slow, super technical to smooth and flat out and everything in between! This continues for hours, without a letup anywhere. The finale is a rickety bridge crossing which takes us to the van for a late lunch. Tired and dusty!

After lunch you can either transfer in the van to Ourgane or ride the gentle downhill 16km to the Gite. Unfortunately, it's now time to pack your bike before it gets dark and prepare for the transfer into Marrakech the following morning.

Strave day six at Freeridemorcco