Day Three

Uplift and a photoshoot.

Freeridemorocco photoshoot location

Set the camera to high res..

Another hearty breakfast and stock of energy bars in the camel bak will see us through the long morning until a late lunch. From Imi Oughlad we get an uplift to the head of the second pass of the week. From here we have the first super fast, tight, technical, rocky singletrack of the day. Kilometre after kilometre of singletrack will keep you on and off the brakes as you hit the rocky technical sections and try desperately hard to keep your speed up! This is easier and faster singletrack than on the first day and will put a big smile on your face!

At the bottom of this singletrack there is a shop where we can grab a coke and cake before setting off again on the climb. At the top of this climb we drop into another section of technical singletrack. Now we're heading into the really big mountains. Tizi Tacht-Id Issa is really off the beaten ttrack and has the most amazing mountain backdrop - perfect for the afternoon photo shoot! Here we drop into the Gite where we will be staying for the night and have lunch.

After lunch we have a photoshoot session. This is a great location because of the singletrack, views and redness of the rock. There are some tough technical sections which are well worth sectioning if you’re up for it or just fast flowing singletrack if you prefer. From this you should get photos you’ll want to frame when you get home!

Another massive three course meal with lots of good banter to help digest the day's events, trail and food! (31'08'08.62 N 7'58'32.36 W / 1780m)

Day three strava route at Freeridemorocco